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This program Astro Lucky Days was created in 2015 and upgraded from the Original Wintimes. We added Bar Graph that made it easier to find high peaks within 24 hours, along with many more added features. In 2016, we added Angle Graph to find your magic times the fastest way.

 Enter birth data and click SAVE, to make sure you have it next time.

Enter gambling city and click SAVE, to make sure you have it next time.

Click “Transit by the Minutes” chart OR “BAR GRAPH” button.


This graph shows your high peaks, which means that the planets in the universe are aspecting your natal chart. First you click on 24 hours “All day”, This allows you to see what hour of the day is the highest peak. Once you see the highest peak of the hour, then you can break down to which time you want to see the bar graph peak up close -12 am-6am, 6 am-12pm, 12pm-6pm or  6pm -12am. If you see highest peak at 4 am and can’t play that time, you still have other high peaks to play on.



The greatest feature of all is the DATA list of transits by the minute. No other Astrology computer program has this feature in the way this one is done so detailed and accurate.  The is the most important feature for finding casino gambling wintimes ~ TRANSITS BY THE MINUTE to see exactly what's happening for you any minute of any day.

Angle Graph is another added feature which no other program has. It allows you to see 24 hours of where the House Cusps are with current planetary degrees.

Astro Lucky Days (ALD) is everything you need to know is all on the front page at a glance to search your lucky days. No more clicking pages and pages to find Planetary degrees, what your natal degrees, house cusps are etc.

You do not need to know Astrology and it is so simple to use. Instruction ebook is included and unlimited access to a Lucky Days yahoo group for any questions you may have.



"Its All in the Timing!"
An Astrological
Guide to Gambling
By Lorraine DiFelice
and Raina Davis

Gambling Astrology

Kindle or Paperback now available!



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