About Lorraine DiFelice  June 1942 - August 2009

An Astrologer for 50 years, Lorraine started studying Astrology in 1956 at age 13. Her father was a gambler in horseracing, she started tracking his win days and when he didn't win. The timed studies went beyond gambling to stubbing toes, spilling a drink, indigestion, headaches and more. All these timed events so noticeable in the thousands of charts she made for everyone she met led to tracking timing.

Lorraine moved to California, she caught the horseracing fever, she went to Hollywood Park, Del Mar, Caliente or Santa Anita race track just about every day and started charting jockey's charts which proved to work out better than charting horses. Lorraine has over 1500 jockey's birth data!

Lorraine is a Gemini and moved 130 times during her 60 years and finally settled in Vegas in late 80s. She gambled almost everyday on her wintimes especially Keno machines. People from all over the world would fly to Vegas for their wintimes. The casinos offered to buy out her Wintimes program and she refused to sell it. She was for the people, not the mega casinos. Her Winner Circle photos are everywhere in Las Vegas!


Lorraine won $2,350.00 ~  8 out of 9 Keno in 2003.

If you ever stop by Arizona Charlie Casino on Decatur Road,  Las Vegas~ go up stair and see her photo on the wall!


One of Lorraine most memorable memories was at RIO casino in 1995– she played 3 slot machines on her wintimes and hit $1000 each in a row, and repeat the process again and again- she drew a big crowd behind her.




















Played Keno machines and turned $5 to win $1500 on her wintimes at Western Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas on Oct 5, 1993


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